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Hundreds of children and teachers around the world are using our software and educational apps. Interactive Letterland allows children to play games, listen to songs and start to learn letter sounds with lots of actions.


Phonics Online

Meet the Letterlanders and explore over 500 animations in one place. It's easy to set up and includes lots of new features like access to our Phonics Readers, Phonics Games, Cards Tool and a Teacher Toolkit full of supporting resources.

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Fix-it Phonics (Second Edition)

Join the Letterlanders and learn English with the Letterland Fix-it Phonics (Second Edition) app! Watch the characters come to life, listen to alphabet sounds, learn key vocabulary, sing songs and practice reading.

My Alphabet Stories

All the stories from My Alphabet Storybooks, available as 10 interactive apps. Read the stories with or without audio support and listen to letter sounds and decodable words.

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Phonics Readers Set 1-4

All the stories from Phonics Readers Set 1–4 are available in 4 interactive apps. Read the engaging, interactive short stories with or without audio support. Touch the pictures to see fun animations!

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Educational Tools

App icons that have a teacher/child icon in the bottom right corner are educational learning tools and designed to be used with teacher or parent supervision.

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Letterland CD-ROM software can be installed on a PC (Windows XP and above), activation requires an internet connection. Please note this software is not compatible with macOS Catalina (MacOS 10.15) and above and also requires Adobe Flash Player to work which was classed as End of Life (EOL) by Adobe on Dec 31, 2020. Why not try out our new Phonics Online web-based software that will work on almost any device and doesn't require Adobe Flash Player.

How to Order

We have distributors and agents all over the world, contact your local supplier below. If you can't find your country, get in touch with Letterland HQ.

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Technical Support

Need help with your Letterland software? Check out our helpful support articles to find the answer so you can get back up and running as quickly as possible.

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