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Letterland Grammar introduces the grammatical concepts of Key Stage 1, Year 1 and Year 2. The emphasis is on bringing these concepts to life so children can understand them, remember them, and use them in their own writing.

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Teaching Scope

  • Sentence punctuation: Capital letters and full stops, Questions and exclamation marks, Commas for lists, Apostrophes (contractions and possessive).

  • Writing sentences: Joining words using conjunctions: Coordinating and subordinate conjunctions, Expanded noun phrases, statements, questions, exclamations, commands.

  • Prefixes and suffixes: -un, -s and -es, -ness, -er, compounding, -ful, -less, -er, -est, -ly.

  • Tenses: Present and past, Progressive form of verbs.


Teacher Resources

  • Grammar Teacher's Guide
  • Grammar Copymasters
  • Grammar Posters
  • Letter Sound Cards

Student Resources

  • Grammar Activity Books 1-4


We offer in-person or virtual training sessions conducted by our highly experienced trainers.

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