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Why Letterland?

Fix-it Phonics Level 1 Sample Lesson (Second Edition)

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Reading Direction

My Letterland Reading Booklet

Letter Sound Cards -
Extra Cards

Spelling Stations -
Platform One Sample Lesson

Spelling Stations
Platform One - Poster

‍‍Spelling Stations
Platform One - Word Bank

Spelling Stations
Platform One - Games

2019 Fix-it Phonics Catalogue

2019 Letterland Trade Catalogue

Parent's Guide Leaflet

Spelling Stations -
Platform Two Sample Lesson

Letterland and the National Curriculum

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Software Downloads

Research and Correlations

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Colouring Sheets

Fix-it Phonics Starter Songs CD Lyrics

Colouring Sheet 1

Colouring Sheet 2

Colouring Sheet 3

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Songs and Lyrics Sheets

Handwriting Songs - Lowercase CD Lyrics

Handwriting Songs - Uppercase CD Lyrics

Blends and Digraphs Songs CD Lyrics

Action Songs CD Lyrics

Advanced Songs CD Lyrics

Alphabet Songs CD Lyrics

Letterland software can be installed on a PC (Windows XP and above) or Mac (OSX 10.6 and above). They are protected by a Product Key which can be found on the CD-ROM or in an email sent to you. During installation you will be asked to register and activate your Product Key which requires an internet connection.

If you don’t have a product key, check out our free online software demos.

Spelling Stations
Platform Two - Poster

‍‍Spelling Stations
Platform Two - Word Bank

Spelling Stations
Platform Two - Games

Living ABC - PC

Living ABC - MAC

Story Phonics - PC

Story Phonics - MAC

Fix-it Phonics Starter - PC

Fix-it Phonics Starter - MAC

Fix-it Phonics Level 1 - PC

Fix-it Phonics Level 1 - MAC

Fix-it Phonics Level 2 - PC

Fix-it Phonics Level 2 - MAC

Fix-it Phonics Level 3 - PC

Fix-it Phonics Level 3 - MAC

Phonics Sample Lessons

Spelling Sample Lessons

Fix-it Phonics Sample Lessons

FIP  L1 - 2nd Edition - PC

FIP  L1 - 2nd Edition - MAC


FIP L2 - 2nd Edition - PC

FIP L2 - 2nd Edition - MAC