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Our approved trainers are highly knowledgeable in phonics and building foundational literacy skills, contact your local trainer to find the support you need. If your country is not listed, please contact Lesley White, Director of Training.

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Lesley White, Director of Training

Lesley has many years experience as both a trainer and Early Years' educator. Over the years she has developed and been privileged to deliver training sessions based on Letterland's range of materials in many countries around the world. She often visits countries in the Middle East to share her love of our material with teachers, but also offers screen-based training using Skype. She also regularly visits China, Egypt, North Africa and the Far East. Lesley delights in helping teachers around the world with all aspects of Letterland teaching so please contact her with any training related enquiries.



Lara Stiller

Lara is passionate about literacy and teaching young children. She has been actively involved in Early Education for over 25 years using Letterland in her daily teaching practices to nurture her students love for reading and writing. For the past 15 years Lara has thoroughly enjoyed presenting a variety of Letterland professional development workshops to educators and parents. She delights in hands on learning and loves the child friendly way of Letterland and how it taps into children’s imaginations, while making learning fun and easy to remember as it is an amazing synthetic phonic program. Lara is able to assist people interested in developing a deeper understanding of Letterland either through corporate events or private seminars. Please contact Lara for information about training in Australia and New Zealand.



Nathan Fonseca Loáiciga

Nathan first became familiar with Letterland’s Fix-it Phonics programme as an English and Music teacher for the I Love Gym Early Education Company in Beijing. As a trainer and programme developer with them, he was responsible for then sharing his knowledge and training other members of the team. Nathan is currently a student of Digital Media and Art at Shanghai University.

costa rica

Costa Rica

Julie Godfrey

Julie is a firm believer in strong literacy skills as a means for children to enjoy learning and consequently do well in school. Julie has been involved with Letterland since 2006 and remains impressed at its effectiveness in giving children solid literacy skills whilst allowing them to have so much fun. Julie is an approved Letterland trainer and sole distributor of Letterland products within Costa Rica. She runs various workshops aimed at school, preschool and day care teachers as well as parent groups. You may join a programmed course or request a customised workshop for a group.



Hemangini Babla

Hemangini has been a teacher and educator since 1968. She has a wealth of experience guiding parents and training teachers on how to help children evolve from Learning to Read, to Reading to Learn. She conducts interactive workshops for teachers and parents in day care centres, playgroups, pre-primary and primary schools all over India on how to teach reading, writing and spellings using child-friendly phonics. Her other passion is development of Thinking Skills and brain stimulation based on the theory of multiple intelligence using the story logic from Letterland. Hemangini is the approved Letterland trainer for India and owns Spellbound Kid's Bookstore, which is the exclusive distributor for Letterland products in India.



Inda Ariestiya

Inda has a masters in English Language Teaching for young Learners. Her major interest is in teaching English and reading to young children. Having enjoyed many training sessions and workshops, she is very happy to share knowledge and experience with other teachers including how to teach English to non-native English speaking children.



Kofo Karunwi

Kofo is an experienced early years and primary school teacher of about 30 years and education consultant. Letterland’s fun, child friendly, cross curricular and whole child development outlook first drew her attention in 1991. The constant development of further resources over the years has made it even more appealing as both teachers and children not only enjoy the fun but also its effectiveness at teaching what could otherwise be confusing or even boring concepts to children. Kofo is the sole approved Letterland trainer in Nigeria and also stocks Letterland products. You can join a programmed workshop or have her design a workshop specific to the needs of your setting.



Rich Portman

Rich first encountered Letterland as a primary school student in the UK. He has fond memories of the characters and classes, and believes that his lifelong love of reading stems from these positive experiences. Encountering Letterland as a teacher furthered his enthusiasm for the material and made him realise what an effective tool Letterland is when teaching literacy to second language students. Since then, Rich has gone on to teach and train in Honduras, Thailand and Vietnam. Along the way he’s picked up a Cambridge Young Learner Certificate and gained a wealth of experience teaching and training using Letterland.



Hanna Meijer

Hanna's specialism is in preschool and early year’s education. After working in British Schools in Warsaw and Egypt, where she gained practical experience in the use of the Letterland program, Hanna now resides in Poland and has established herself as a Letterland expert. She runs various workshops and presentations on the use of Letterland for both teachers and parents and distributes Letterland products in Poland. As an experienced teacher she has knowledge of different methods and programs to teach literacy and ESL to young students but finds Letterland to be the most effective. Please Email Hanna if you are interested in attending training sessions or presentations in Poland.



Oksana Yaverbaum

Oksana first met the Letterlanders in 1995 when she was teaching primary school children in South Africa while completing her MA degree in theory of literature at UNISA. After returning to Russia she founded a language centre for teaching EFL to pre-school children using Letterland products as she had been so impressed with its effectiveness in teaching young learners. Now, Oksana is an approved Letterland trainer and sole distributor of Letterland Fix-it Phonics products within Russia. She runs workshops in Moscow and also offers online courses for teachers and parents. If you are interested in joining a programmed course or wish to request a customised workshop for a group, please ask for further details.



Julienne Cheok

Julienne has a passion for and is trained in early childhood education, and has also worked with children in various preschools in Singapore. As a curriculum developer, she uses Letterland Phonics to enhance the teaching and learning experience for teachers and students alike. Julienne is an approved Letterland trainer working with the appointed Letterland educational distributor and training provider in Singapore. She has conducted teacher’s training sessions in the region to teachers from more than 50 preschools. Customised sessions can be conducted in-house for preschools looking for half-day or full-day teacher’s training.

south korea

South Korea

Joanne Lee

Joanne has worked for Nawon Education, the exclusive Letterland agent in Korea, for 12 years. She conducts Letterland training for all around Korea, and has been instrumental in creating bilingual Teacher's Guides, and producing materials and training that are adapted for the Korean market. Joanne runs a research and training department that continuously study and provide phonics and literacy materials for Letterland teachers. Additionally, she runs hugely successful teacher's conferences twice a year.



Vickie Norris

Vickie has a BS degree in Special Education and an MA degree as a Reading Specialist, along with 30 years of experience in education. She has been involved with Letterland since 2000, providing professional development, coaching and consultation for districts implementing Letterland.  She has participated in several research projects that validate the efficacy and effectiveness of Letterland.  As US Head Trainer for Letterland, Vickie designs and implements professional development used for teacher training throughout the USA. Part of her responsibility is to support Letterland-trained Independent and In-District Trainers and coaches as the network expands across the county. Please contact Vicky for more information about training in the USA.



Stephanie C. Mills

Stephanie started her Letterland journey by accident through picking up a second-hand book in a charity shop and using this as the basis for the phonics programme in her charitable school in Ethiopia. She was supported by Letterland, who kindly donated teachers manuals and resources, so that she was able to develop her knowledge of the system practically and train her Ethiopian teachers in the joy of Letterland. As an international teacher, Stephanie went on to spread the news of Letterland to schools she led in Saudi Arabia, Oman and Vietnam. She has trained numerous members of staff and many parents in all of those countries - all of whom have instantly been convinced of the delights of Letterland. Stephanie offers lively, fun and informative Letterland training sessions within Vietnam and is able to conduct both online and in-person sessions.

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