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South East Asia

Rich Portman

Rich first encountered Letterland as a primary school student in the UK. He has fond memories of the characters and classes, and believes that his lifelong love of reading stems from these positive experiences.

Upon graduating from university, Rich completed his Cambridge CELTA qualification before teaching in South Korea. Encountering Letterland as a teacher furthered his enthusiasm for the material and made him realise what an effective tool Letterland is when teaching literacy to second language students. Since then, Rich has gone on to teach and train in Honduras, Thailand and Vietnam. Along the way he’s picked up a Cambridge Young Learner Certificate and gained a wealth of experience teaching and training using Letterland.

Alongside his work as a Letterland trainer, he is Director of Studies for a language centre, and is currently working towards a Master’s degree in TESOL.

Phone: +85296855791 
Email: [email protected]