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Don't just take our word for it, here's what others have to say about Letterland:

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Testimonials about Letterland at school (UK & International)

I have taught all over the world and have yet to find anything to surpass Letterland in its simplicity and effectiveness in teaching children phonics and how to read.

Mrs Fiona Robertson-Neil, Deputy Head Teacher at Foxfield Primary School, London

I was taught using Letterland at school and I believe it really helped with my learning to read and write. Last summer we realised that we needed to change the way in which we deliver phonics, especially with the government's announcement of the phonics check in year 1. It was decided that as I had Reception we would trial Letterland for a year instead of Jolly Phonics. I cannot say how much of a difference it has made to the progression of the children. Myself and my TA's have immersed the children in this magical land and we have seen profile scores raised compared to the last few years. As well as the children being able to read all of the letter sounds by Christmas they were forming the letters correctly and we hardly noticed any of the common mistakes such as reversing b & d, p & q. The children love going to Letterland and constantly want to learn a new sound and story daily. As it has had such an impact on learning in a small amount of time we would like to roll Letterland out to the rest of the children in the school.

Emily Gough, Letterland teacher at Fairway Primary School, Birmingham

The children really benefit from it and so do we as it helps them to learn the characters so much quicker and therefore makes our job easier when teaching them how to read. Most of them enter 'big school' already being able to read simple stories. Thank you Letterland!

Head Teacher, English language pre-school, France

Letterland was the most successful reading programme I used. The children remembered the stories associated with each character and this helped with letter name, letter sound and writing skills. If you want some really educational fun with your child try the Letterland books.

Liz Mc Cafferty, teacher of reception children for over 20 years

For many of my 22 years teaching, I have been a great supporter of your Letterland system for teaching phonics, embracing the multisensory approach. […] your phonic approach is second to none.

Barbara Summers, teacher who specialized in working with struggling readers and spellers

I love using this program, and the children enjoy all of the characters and learn so quickly!

Bess Herzekow, teacher in an International school, Jerusalem, Israel

Testimonials about Letterland at school (US & Canada)

It really is a way to teach the structure of the English language in a very interactive, engaging, brain-based, research-based way. Kids absolutely love Letterland and they can relate to the characters. They are so excited that they will have Letterland in the First Grade next year. And, in fact, you see many of the teachers all over Wake County are also thrilled because they are seeing their students reading and writing earlier and stronger than they ever have before. So it's working!

Sherri Miller, WCPSS Literacy Director

Our kids have been the top performers in our district since we implemented Letterland. I have to be Letterland's biggest fan.

Coordinator; South Lincoln County Family Resource Center

I dove in head first with the program and I (and the kids) am loving it. Seeing tremendous differences already with their success in spelling and transferring it to their writing.

Kari H, Letterland Teacher

Your program is FANTASTIC! My son and I met the creator of this wonderful program at Tweetsie Railroad in Boone, North Carolina about 2 years ago. My son is 9 years old and autistic. He is in a special needs classroom at school. The kids love this program.

Mum of an autistic 9 year old

We saw a year’s growth in half a year. The only thing that we saw different was the Letterland curriculum.

A literacy coach

The children love it! The teachers love it! The parents love it! And the results are remarkable.

Deborah Van Lierop, Reading Coach, Blountstown Elementary School, Blountstown, Florida

The simple, easy to learn [phonic] stories are engaging and lively for my students to quickly grasp & memorize.

Caldwell County, NC Letterland Teacher

I see my students reading more accurately and using coding to figure out words they do not know.

Grade Two Letterland Teacher, Cabwa County, NC

It has improved my students’ reading and spelling this year more than anything else I’ve used.

Grade Two Letterland Teacher

Children learned so much more than I thought possible!

Catawba County, NC Letterland Teacher

Testimonials about Fix-it Phonics

My students didn't know any of the alphabet at first, but after they met the Letterlanders, reading became so much fun. Let's go to Letterland!

Mr Erick, playgroup teacher, Indonesia

The Fix-it Phonics songs are great. We love starting the session with the theme song and doing all the actions!

Teacher, China

For me, Letterland is a unique and fun learning method. It helps kids to decode easily in many ways; through songs, movements, etc. I do hope that Letterland can be developed and used in every school.

Madam Kristina, playgroup teacher, Indonesia

For me Letterland is a like a complete package, children can learn to read and also learn English by storytelling, singing, doing action tricks, doing art and craft and many other interesting activities. Letterland makes students enjoy to learn. Yet, it is a bit difficult to adopt in Indonesia because it is difficult to get the materials.

Madam Santi, kindergarten teacher, Indonesia

Testimonials about Letterland at Home

My boy in fact started learning Letterland when he was only in play group 1. I was actually very impressed by Letterland because the system is very interesting and worked very well for him. When I was younger, I never learnt phonics this way. We bought the Letterland cd too as he loved the songs and we wanted to continue reinforcing the phonics teaching at home. It was actually very fun to watch him sing and dance, reciting the phonics at that very young age.


I just wanted to let you know how delighted I am with your Letterland characters, my youngest son is 3 and is about to start Nursery and he is really enjoying the stories.

Parent, Suffolk, England

Congratulations on your award for the Letterland recipe book! I have started working through it with my youngest, Rufus. It inspires him to read, and to cook, and it encourages me to talk and ask him questions and engage - it really is excellent! Thank you!

Claudine Kingdabbs, parent and TV Producer

Excellent. I remember Letterland from school so I got this for my son and by the end fo the day he could recognise most letters of the alphabet.


My five year old son has been fascinated with Letterland and his school work has improved greatly as a result.


I am learning Letterland at my pre-school and I love this DVD! I already know it off by heart, and know all of my alphabet! Hooray for Letterland!

3 year old child, Sydney, Australia

My son Jeremy was so happy to hear that he won the Letterland coloring competition. Also, I would like to thank you for giving us parents, some helpful information on how we can effectively teach and support our children at home. Aside from that, our children enjoy learning with the help of Letterland excellent teaching resources and they love each and every single minute that they spend learning the Letterland and its characters.



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