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Tech Support for Software

If you are having troubles installing and activating your Letterland software, we recommend you do the following first:

If you require further assistance, please contact technical support.

Installing from CD-ROM

The software can be installed on a PC or MAC. The set-up program should start automatically when you insert the CD-ROM. Simply follow the instructions on screen.

Installing from download

If you have purchased the software from you should have received an email confirmation with a link to download the software and your unique product key. Download the software, open the installer and follow the instructions on screen.

product key email


Activating Letterland Software

The software is protected by a unique Product Key which can be found on the CD-ROM. If you purchased the software from it can be found on the confirmation email you were sent at the time of purchase. Once you have successfully installed the software, open it for the first time. You will be asked to register and activate your Product Key which requires an internet connection.
Important! Please note that only one user account and password is allowed per product key. If your product key is a multi-device product key, the email address and password used for first activation will be the only account credentials valid for all other user activations for that product key. We recommend you chose a generic email and password that can be passed to all users.

1. Enter your unique Product Key

product key

2. Create an account and register
For security reasons, you must create an account before using the software. Fill in your details and click CREATE. We will email you a confirmation with your registration details, please keep them safe as they must be used to deactivate or transfer the software to another computer.

product key

3. Login (if already registered)
If you have already created an account for other Letterland software (for example you are reinstalling the software on a new computer or you are activating additional devices for a volume or site licence) you can simply login by entering your email and password.

product key

4. Congratulations
You will see this message when have successfully registered the software and will not need to access the internet again.

product key

Commonly asked questions (FAQs)

Here is a list of common questions and solutions:

1. What is the error message: Please make sure you have an internet connection
An internet connection is required to activate the software. Check that you can access the internet by visiting a known website. If after accessing the internet on a web browser the problem still persists, contact your IT Manager. Some schools/organisations have strict web filters or firewalls that block the software from accessing our servers to activate. The url will need to be added to a safe list, authentication bypass list or proxy bybass list.

product key

2. What is the error message: This Product Key is already in use
If you have upgraded your operating system or computer you may get this error message. You will need to login to your software account by visiting using the email and password that you used when first activating the software. Once logged in, you will see your product key and the number of permitted devices. Click on the “Deactivate” link to deactivate the original computer.  You can now install and register the new machine.

If you have purchased a volume licence or site licence you may also get this error message. To install on more than one device, you will need to login using the account details you used for the first activation. If you have lost these details please email [email protected].

product key

3. What is the error message: Please enter a valid Product Key
If you get this message double check that you are entering the Product Key correctly. If the error message persists, please contact [email protected] noting the operating system you are running and where you purchased the software.

product key

4. I have forgotten my password, how can I reset it?
Got to and click "Forgotten your password?". You will need to enter the email address you used to activate your software and we will send you an email with your password.

5. I have lost my Product Key, how can I find it?
Got to and login using the email address and password that you set up when activating your software. You will find details of your account including your Product Key once logged in.

6. I have a valid product key but I have lost my CD-ROM or download link, how can I install again?
You may download Letterland software from . If you are installing on a new computer, you may need to deactivate your old computer and activate again.