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Software Downloads

You can download the latest version of your Letterland software from this page. Our software is protected by a unique 20 digit Product Key which can be found on the CD-ROM or confirmation email. Living ABC Software customers with product keys that are less than 20 digits, please contact tech support and we will issue a new product key.

For help on installing and activating Letterland software, please see our software help page.

Living ABC Software

Living ABC Software - MAC
Living ABC Software - PC

Story Phonics Software

Story Phonics Software - MAC
Story Phonics Software - PC

Fix-it Phonics Starter - Software

Fix-it Phonics Starter - Software - MAC
Fix-it Phonics Starter - Software - PC

Fix-it Phonics Level 1 - Software

Fix-it Phonics Level 1 - Software - MAC
Fix-it Phonics Level 1 - Software - PC

Fix-it Phonics Level 2 - Software

Fix-it Phonics Level 2 - Software - MAC
Fix-it Phonics Level 2 - Software - PC

Fix-it Phonics Level 3 - Software

Fix-it Phonics Level 3 - Software - MAC
Fix-it Phonics Level 3 - Software - PC