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Grammar (Key Stage 1)

Grammar sample lesson

Letterland Grammar is perfect for introducing the grammatical concepts in Key Stage 1. The range of teaching resources will help you bring grammar concepts to life so children can understand them, remember them and know how to use them in their own writing. Letterland Grammar is an interesting world to explore, where words become buildings and sentences become streets. The punctuation we see is road signs on those streets, indicating what is happening.

What does it cover?

  • Sentence punctuation
  • Writing sentences
  • Prefixes and suffixes
  • Tenses
Grammar house

Teaching Scope

  • Capital letters and full stops
  • Question marks
  • Exclamation marks
  • Commas for lists
  • Apostrophes - possessive
  • Apostrophes - contractions
  • Joining words using conjunctions: and
  • Coordinating and
    subordinating conjunctions
  • Expanded noun phrases
  • Statements, questions, exclamations, commands


  • Plural noun suffixes -s and -es
  • Suffixes added to verbs
  • Prefix -un
  • Suffixes to form nouns: 
  • Compound nouns
  • Suffixes to form adjectives: 
  • Suffixes to form adverbs: -ly
  • Present and past tense
  • Progressive present and
    past tense

Essential Teacher's Resources

Letterland Starter Pack

Letterland Grammar Pack

  • Contains essential resources for teaching Letterland Grammar in a Key Stage 1 classroom
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