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Alphabet Songs (CD)

Alphabet Songs (CD)

142 x 125 x 10 mm
Fiona Pritchard & Lyn Wendon

26 lively songs sung to well-known nursery tunes provide early learners with a great introduction to the Letterland alphabet. Encourage them to sing along as they learn the sounds the a-z make in words.

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Recent reviews

Amanda L. Hobbs 11 Feb 2014

Bought this to supplement the kindergarten curriculum that my child's elementary school is using. It is a favorite in the car, and helps with learning phonics.

Lovelylizzy 16 Sep 2013

Both my children(aged now 5 and 7) have learned this through their new school the past year. My kids did start at another school which ended up having huge problems with my son(age 5). Now my son can read books and my older daughter has just started to learn how to read. Letter Land is the best thing that I have come across in all my travels around the World and I highly recommend it to all my mommy friends. I wish I had this when I was growing up.

Klara 29 Nov 2012

I HAVE to tell you: LOVELY CD! Very memorable and ever so sweetly arranged! Perfect for children!

Niamh 15 May 2011

My sister learnt to read using these songs in school. She is now 19 and studying journalism so still loves reading and writing

gia 08 Oct 2010

my son love letter land phonics songs

Ashley 15 Jul 2010

I used the samples on this site today in my lesson (I teach in China). The kids LOVED it!! They are singing along already, great for second language learners. I will def be buying the CD and books when I go back to the UK next week.

thomas 24 Apr 2010

i love it!

tabassum 10 Feb 2010

It's very catchy and attarctive way of teaching new beginners,with very clear accent thanxs letterland

kalai 11 Dec 2009

my children love these songs..........

Catherine Bowker "BBB" 04 Sep 2009

Fantastic to keep early schoolers interested in learning the alphabet in such a fun way. Great to keep the kids entertained in the car whilst still learning the alphabet. Each letter of the alphabet has a little song about how the letter is pronounced for kids first learning the alphabet whilst linking them to their later alphabet. It also teaches kids their vowels too.

I. Spindler "Proud Mum" 04 Sep 2009

I bought my daughter (3 years 10 months)the Letterland Book and she loved it from the start, so I thought buying the CD would be a good idea. I have been playing it in the car on the way to nursery and back and she really pays attention to the words in all the songs and knows some of them now, even though she hasn't had the CD for long. She likes the CD so much, she now asks for it to be played everytime we go out in the car. As with any CD you play a few times it gets a bit boring for you as an adult if you listen to it all the time, so sometimes I just say to her I've left it at home and then play it for her again the next time. She can't get enough of it and if she's happy, I'm happy too.

vanessa 22 Jul 2009

brilliant for dyslexic kids. should be taught in All classrooms!

Emily Daley 14 Jun 2009

My children have learnt so much from the CD and love the songs on it. Its been great for my children!

Marty Davis 21 Jan 2009

My kindergarten students LOVE these songs and they have really helped them learn how to write the lowercase letters correctly! Fabulous!