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Alphabet Sounds

To support your child in pronouncing each letter sound correctly, click on the character images below to hear alphabet sounds and the plain black letters to hear the alphabet names. This pronunciation guide also gives you a valuable strategy for linking all 26 letter shapes to their correct sounds quickly and easily. It's called the Letterland shortcut. All you and your child need to remember is one simple instruction — just START to say ANY Letterland character's name, then STOP. For example: "Sammy Snake, s..." (a steady hissing sound).

Make sure your speakers are on, then click on the images to hear the letter sounds.


Who's Who in Letterland

A handy reference with all of the Letterlanders and a guide to saying their names correctly.

Download PDF (700kb)

The Vowel Men

The Vowel Men are the only Letterlanders who say their traditional alphabet name in words.

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Traditional Alphabet Names (PDF 484kb)

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