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Letterland Adventure Day at Tweetsie

Published on Fri 27 May 2011

Crowds of children ranging from 4 to 9 years old, flocked to North Carolina’s Tweetsie Railroad Theme Park last week for some special Letterland Adventure days. On those days, the whole of the mountainside park was transformed into the special world of Letterland!

There was music in the air and wide-eyed anticipation on the children’s faces as they poured out of their buses and arrived on Letterland’s Main Street escorted by teachers and many volunteering parents.

The children were fascinated to find live versions of their favourite Letterland characters (played by local drama students) coming up to them, shaking their hand and talking to them. There were even short plays performed throughout the park. Click here to see a short video clip of one play featuring Kicking King, Quarrelsome Queen and Golden Girl.

To view photos of the adventure day, click here

A trip on Talking Tess’ Train

The famous Tweetsie railroad train was transformed into ‘Talking Tess’s Train’ for the occasion, taking visitors on a 20-minute ride around the mountain. Further up the mountain was Firefighter Fred’s ferris wheel, and lots of Golden Girl go-carts to ride in too! The children could also take a mini-train into ‘Munching Mike’s Mouse Mine’ and ride on Clever Cat’s Carousel.

Reading Results! A field trip with a difference!

This special trip to Letterland, an imaginary place made real, was especially exciting for the children, because they had earned it as a reward for really applying themselves in their studies throughout the school year. Their teachers knew how well they had done before the annual DIBELS assessments became official. These results now confirm their record rise in reading test scores!

Many thanks go once again to Kathy Oliver, Literacy Specialist and K-2 Instructional Coach, who initially had the idea of turning a trip to Letterland into a great way to culminate the school year, and to Cathy and Chris Robbins, the owners of the Theme Park who together with all their staff entered into the spirit of this celebration so enthusiastically.

Now in its fifth year, it has become a fondly anticipated event every year, attended by schools from many different counties. And there are plans already afoot for making the 2012 Letterland Adventure Days even more exciting and rewarding!