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Letterland Goes Green at the London Book Fair

Published on Mon 14 Apr 2008

We are pleased to launch our eco-friendly website at The London Book Fair. Our host provider, Rackspace, offers carbon-neutral hosting through tree planting, enabling us to lower our carbon footprint and mitigate the carbon generated through the server.

In the first year, we hope that the
use of this site will lead to the planting of hundreds of trees. We are totally committed to change and to ‘Going Green’ and our aim is to protect the planet for the generations of children that have fun - today and in the future - learning to read and write with Letterland. We are also committed to developing an eco-friendly programme that will enable us to print all our books on Forest Stewardship Council managed paper and are determined to keep our eco-footprint small. We 'keep local' wherever possible, recycle all paper in the office, run diesel cars and use public transport where we can – we are even driving to the London Book Fair in an electric car!

For further information about our books, this website or our environmental policy, please contact us.

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